Mapping for Housing: More responsive customer service at lower cost

Many Housing Associations and ALMOs are now using Location Analytics from Esri UK to enable better informed daily and strategic decisions while reducing risk and improving efficiency through the power of location.

Housing Customer Service

Respond quickly and efficiently to customer calls

Save time and cost while delivering great customer service. A single intuitive view bringing together disparate data from across your organisation provides all the information about the caller's property and the area around them, enabling their enquiry to be handled quickly and efficiently. 

Understand your tenants better

Social and demographic information, including data obtained from household questionnaires, can be recorded and analysed using maps, enabling you to develop a much better understanding of your tenants and of any issues in neighbourhoods.
For example, by monitoring reports of anti-social behaviour more closely, you can identify issues that they wouldn’t otherwise be aware of and direct services towards people who need it. Similarly, information gathered through mobile apps in the field can enable issues such as graffiti and abandoned vehicles to be tackled quickly.

Anti-social behavior - Social Housing Map

Local Services - Social Housing

Show prospective tenants locations of local services 

Easily integrate maps into your website, showing prospective tenants where local services and amenities are in relation to available properties. 


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