Mapping for Housing: More efficient and effective property management

Many Housing Associations and ALMOs are now using Location Analytics from Esri UK to enable better informed daily and strategic decisions while reducing risk and improving efficiency through the power of location.

A complete view of your property portfolio

Do you have a complete view of your property portfolio, enabling more accurate and cost effective management? Can you accurately determine the size of grounds so that you can negotiate competitive service contracts and reduce direct costs?

Saxon Weald identified land parcels that were not needed, but had a maintenance obligation; by selling these provided additional revenue while reducing costs...
Read the Saxon Weald case study...

Flood Risk Solution

Flooding: Are your houses at risk?

Can you visualise which of your properties is at risk of flooding and how severe the risk is? Are you then able to easily share the information, assess flood defence alternatives and collaborate across your organisation, with partners and with the local authority?

JBA Comprehensive Flood Map is available ready to use in your Esri solution. Click here to download the datasheet...

Identify the best locations for your new developments

Overlay property types, access routes, land ownership, property demand and demographics to identify new sites that meet demand, ensure regulatory compliance and meet the needs of current and future residents.

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Mapping it out: software helps unpick housing managers problems
"The truth is out there: mapping data together can help housing providers solve problems from development to repairs and maintenance. Photograph: Gso Images/Getty Images"

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