Mapping for Housing: Smoother operations and faster maintenance

Many Housing Associations and ALMOs are now using Location Analytics from Esri UK to enable better informed daily and strategic decisions while reducing risk and improving efficiency through the power of location.

Save time through faster reporting of faults and issues

Deliver 24hr online capabilities for tenants to report faults, request repairs and address neighbourhood issues. Enable staff to carry out the required inspections and accurately report their findings for onward action through location enabled mobile apps.

Homes in Havering have mobile location based apps embedded into their business process; staff can quickly report issues and faults, reducing the turnaround time to complete an inspection by 50%...

Reduce costs through more effective service contracting

Accurately identify the size, location and ownership of grounds requiring maintenance and then calculate the relative costs for using different contractors. Maintain only what you own. Use the most effective contractor.

Saxon Weald negotiated more competitive service contracts and reduced direct costs by £60,000 using Esri technology

Read the Saxon Weald case study...

Plan Maintenance

Plan maintenance more effectively 

Manage planned and cyclical maintenance more efficiently - schedule maintenance according to the location of properties being maintained and the nature of the maintenance required, allowing resources to be allocated and routed for maximum effect.
GreenSquare Group originally scheduled maintenance according to the alphabetical order of road names. This meant homes in streets nearby might have work done months apart. Now maintenance plans are visualised on a map and can be optimised saving time and cost, while delivering a better service to tenants.

GIS mapping helps Sovereign to deliver better service and growth

"We have invested in new mapping technology from Esri UK to help us achieve our strategic goals. Together we are building an organisation-wide GIS that will provide the foundation for our people to make better, more timely decisions...."



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