Insurance solutions: unlock a new source of competitive advantage 

Major insurers are now using Location Analytics to improve business performance. Dynamic maps and dashboards provide new insight into risk and assets, while enhancing the claims process.

Gain a clearer view of risk

Click on the Insurance Risk Management Demo on the left to see Location Analytics in action during a Florida hurricane.

Identify locations where different risk models produce different results and evaluate the impact of different events on profitability.
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Faster risk assessment and smarter collaboration

Location Analytics delivers improved profitability and greater competitive advantage by enabling collaborative working and faster risk assessment.

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Faster risk assessment

Improve Capital Management

Improve capital management

Allocate capital and manage reinsurance more effectively, freeing capacity to sell more insurance and target growth opportunities.

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Process claims more effectively

Deliver improved customer satisfaction by settling legitimate claims quickly and refocussing efforts on marginal cases, while identifying potential fraudulent hotspots. 

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Process claims more efficiently

Mapping the way to better business decisions

Read this expert insight article from the Sunday Telegraph Business Reporter Risk Supplement, published in September 2013:

Location Analytics

Read our whitepaper to discover how Location Analytics - the integration of Business Intelligence and GIS - is creating a platform for success in the Insurance Industry.