Insurance solutions: improve customer retention with a smoother claims process

Major insurers are using our location-based solutions to improve business performance. Dynamic maps and dashboards provide new insight into risk and assets, while enhancing the claims process. Unlock a new source of competitive advantage.

Deliver better customer service

Even as flood waters start to rise and the potential impact of a severe storm is being assessed today’s insurers are able to provide pro-active customer advice to mitigate customer losses. Prevention is more cost effective than cure.

Aviva uses location based insight to establish how many policy holders may be affected during a major incident. This pro-active approach helps identify addresses might be at risk enabling field based response teams to contact customers before an event happens. Not only does this reduce losses but it reduces business interruption claims. Effective claims management means better customer service. 

“The ability to spatially analyse data means we understand our customers a lot better,” Eleanor Mclachlan, GIS Manager, Aviva UK

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More effective claims management

Reduce churn and increase word-of-mouth recommendation with more effective claims management.  Help establish the likely impact of an event and the expected loss, before a claims form is even received.   Settle legitimate claims quickly and refocus efforts on marginal cases, while identifying potential fraudulent hotspots. 


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More effective claims management

Mapping the way to better business decisions

Read this expert insight article from the Sunday Telegraph Business Reporter Risk Supplement, published in September 2013:

Location Analytics

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