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The Web Mapping Solution for UK Local Government harnesses ArcGIS to deliver the core GIS capabilities required by Local Authority users.

Deployed on premise, online or a combination of both (Hybrid), it takes advantage of the latest technology, to provide focused GIS capability to your users, whenever it is required, wherever they are and on whatever device is being used.

"Esri software allows corporate GIS teams to provide business users with the tools to do innovative, time- and cost-saving work. This help deliver a high return on the council’s investment in GIS."

Peter Kohler, Westminster City Council


Saving Lives and Money

Worcestershire County Council is saving lives and money with a new emergency GIS service developed using Esri GIS technology.
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Value for Money

Westminster City Council maximises value for money with new approach to waste services procurement through the use of Esri’s mobile GIS technology.
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Empowering Citizens

Norwich City, empowers it’s citizens to report faults and incidents to the council using Esri web mapping technology, reducing inbound calls and costs for the council. Read more

Improving Efficiency and Reducing Cost

Wiltshire Council equips its mobile workforce with Mobile technology from Esri, improving efficiency and reducing cost. Read more

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