Map out the best experiences.

Whether you plan concerts or marathons, or design theme park layouts or golf courses, make your attendees know exactly what is happening and where. Give people precise maps and routes. From planning to execution, Esri helps provide better insight so you can create the best venue and most memorable experiences possible.

"The Super Bowl was the first time we had the opportunity to provide situational awareness and information to the commanders in the field, utilize mobile and get it done in a fast manner. We didn’t have a lot of time with the Super Bowl; we really had to move quickly to get the application out. The application offered us the opportunity to make that happen in record time."

Deputy Commissioner Joel Golub, Chief Information Officer, FDNY



Deliver custom push notifications when users enter or leave areas that are geofenced.


Dynamically integrate location-based content to enhance the experience of everyone in any place.


Sending the right message at the right time ensures messaging is relevant and appreciated.


ArcGIS for Developers

Esri’s Geotrigger Service for ArcGIS greatly enhances iOS and Android’s native geofencing features, like the ability to create complex polygon geofences and to notify other servers and services when triggers are fired. There’s also a visual editor, allowing anyone to quickly manage geofence alerts without code.

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ArcGIS Platform

Integrate your own models and facilitate collaboration across your organization by improving access to information that is important to staff hosting events. Provide the best services to your customers, both inside your organization and out.

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ArcGIS Online

Easily provide maps and apps to customers via ArcGIS Online. All the data and apps you need are part of this comprehensive platform. There is no easier way to communicate, collaborate, and celebrate than with this comprehensive cloud-based platform.

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