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You build complex, sophisticated worlds for your games. But they are difficult to manage. Why not use the world’s most successful design and modeling tool used for this earth—for yours? Create and test alternative designs in the virtual world with one that is used to plan and design real-world projects. Make unforgettable experiences and teach valuable lessons in the most popular recreational and educational medium today.



Develop rich experiences your gamers will love using realistic maps and spatial models.


Transport your users to new realms with imaginative buildings, cities, and worlds that are magical.


Don’t just create a game that is fun, make it fantastic! Amp up your game with amazing environments.


ArcGIS Online

Look no further than this cloud-based platform to provide the catalyst you need to engage users online. Create environments that can be easily accessed and shared. Provide experiences that motivate, educate, and excite.

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ArcGIS Pro

Produce amazing gaming GUIs and functionality using ArcGIS. The ArcPy Python library and JSON make easy work of creating sophisticated interfaces and gaming frameworks. Data can be kept separate from gaming software to provide the best flexibility and expansion possible.

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Esri CityEngine

Realistic 3D action computer games are yours for the taking with Esri CityEngine. Generate and distribute all game models, and parametrically destroy buildings with CGA rules written in CityEngine. Provide the ability for players to freely explore game levels. Special layouts you build of streets, blocks, and important buildings serve as a guide to lead to more competitive game areas.

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