When you understand the data, you understand the land.

Transform exploration and sample drilling information into actionable intelligence. By analyzing data within a geographic context, you will more easily identify new opportunities. Support decision making with consistent, systematic, and rigorous evaluation procedures. Share evaluation results with team members to make quality decisions.

"We can take the new geologic maps and apply existing data to them. This gives us new ways to interpret existing data."

Buster Hunsaker, Founder, Hunsaker Inc., Early Stage Gold Exploration



Evaluate mineral potential by quantifying geologic correlations and probability. Model the subsurface in 3D.


Effectively manage corporate and external datasets to quickly assemble project portfolios.


Assemble integrated project data and efficiently share it with team members.


ArcGIS for Desktop

Robust geospatial technology helps mining companies explore geology and locate prospects. ArcGIS for Desktop is specifically designed to compile, display, and model volumes of interdisciplinary data. See mining data in a whole new way.

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ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

Do more spatial modeling and analysis on ArcGIS for Desktop by adding the Spatial Analyst extension. Use powerful tools to solve problems in tasks such as drilling, plan design, haulage roads, and HSE plans.

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ArcGIS for Server

Extend the power of GIS across the organization with ArcGIS for Server. Share data effectively with all authorized staff and contractors. Build analytical tools into web apps that can be used on any device, anywhere, anytime.

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