Oil and Gas: creating a more resilient and sustainable future

Location-based analysis is being used by oil and gas companies to manage uncertainty and shape a more resilient and sustainable future.


Facing Uncertainty

Today's Petroleum industry faces uncertainty in a number of forms:

  • Operational and realisable hydrocarbon reserves
  • A multiplicity of hostile operating environments worldwide
  • Crude prices, new demand but volatility in traditional markets
  • Product price turbulence, partly created by governments seeking new sources of tax revenue
  • Unstable demand, economic uncertainty makes it more difficult to manage supply chains
  • Need to protect shareholder value and avoid reputational risk

The Petroleum Industry

The industry’s reality is that:

  • Operations take place in a variety of political, legal and commercial environments
  • Process risks in exploration, construction and operation are being monitored more tightly
  • Long-term projects offer low rates of return and revenue generation takes place in volatile markets
  • The supply of experience skilled manpower is constrained. Productivity gains are needed from the current headcount
  • But adversity also stimulates innovation.

Using location-based analysis

Many of our clients are using a combination of location-based analysis, process improvements and more effective data management to:

  • Improve planning & analysis
  • Streamline information sharing and decision making
  • Drive improved operational efficiencies
  • Enhance existing asset management capabilities

In each case geography and GIS is being used to manage uncertainty and to shape a more resilient and sustainable future for shareholders, consumers and the environment.


European Petroleum User Group (EPUG)

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