Oil and Gas: Helping to protect employees, shareholder values and the environment

Location-based analysis is being used by oil and gas companies to manage uncertainty and shape a more resilient and sustainable future.


Enhance Asset Management Capabilities

Embrace the use of spatially enabled asset management in order to:

  • Track the movement of assets over time
  • Tag people and mobile assets so that they can be located at all times
  • Understand precisely where to find high value assets using GSM, WiFi and GPS tracking
  • Comprehensive location of where hazardous materials are
  • Precisely locate emergency response assets

Using GIS in the Oil and Gas industry

Today effective asset management in the oil and gas industry integrates GIS, mobile tracking technology and conventional accounting systems to protect employees, the environment, assets and shareholder value.

The integration of Esri technology with a variety of specialist asset management and accounting systems enables more accurate cost allocation to take place whilst also enabling inefficient asset utilisation to be identified.


European Petroleum User Group (EPUG)

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