Oil and Gas: Helping to protect employees, shareholder values and the environment

Location-based analysis is being used by oil and gas companies to manage uncertainty and shape a more resilient and sustainable future.


Health, Safety and Environment

During the Deepwater Horizon disaster a team was deployed by Esri to track the environmental impact of the oil slick and to analyse satellite imagery, weather logs and to use GPS to locate sea water samples. The aim was to predict the impact of the slick on coastal areas and marine as well as to prioritise clean up activities.

Huge quantities of information were collated using Esri technology. This expertise has been developed by Esri UK to create a single, visual method to track compliance with health, safety and environmental (HSE) requirements. The result is an enterprise solution which can be tailored to meet an organisation’s HSE needs by combining data from day to day to day operations, maintenance procedures, incident logs and core operational processes.

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Manage Risk

Today oil & gas companies should be able to demonstrate that they have effective systems in place to manage the comprehensive range of risks which could affect the lives of the employees and the environment. Shareholders and regulators demand that these controls are supervised at board level. Stakeholders such as local and national governments now have statutory rights to access plans to prevent incidents and to see how the response will be managed in the event that things do go wrong.

This means that these processes have to work enterprise wide, including the activities of sub-contractors. Processes have to be simple to use and manage.

Collating Information

HSC legislation or guidance requires an effective method to visualise information from enterprise wide operations. Geographic Information processing tools can be used for this purpose and to demonstrate compliance. Anomalies can be investigated and impact assessment made to prioritise investment to mitigate potential risk.


European Petroleum User Group (EPUG)

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