Oil and Gas: Meeting customer needs whilst reducing operational risk and increasing business efficiency

Location-based analysis is being used by oil and gas companies to manage uncertainty and shape a more resilient and sustainable future.


Strong customer relationships – don’t react, predict

Success in the oil and gas industry comes in many forms including:

  • Accurate assessment of prospective opportunities
  • The discovery of new fields
  • Safe operational activities
  • Meeting contractual supply arrangements
  • Effective supply chain management
  • Cost effective de-commissioning

All of these activities need accurate geographic data to deliver a comprehensive range of products to customers on a daily basis.

Keeping things on track

Identifying where issues happen, understanding workflows and the potential impact of events and issues enables operational managers to get things on track sooner rather than later. Customer satisfaction is a by-product of successfully managed processes, rather than a goal in its own right.

Understanding our customers

Esri UK works closely with our customers to understand their business needs. Our customers represent some of the most forward-thinking, innovative and successful oil & gas businesses and organisations in the UK and globally. Success depends on understanding our customers’ objectives, their operational processes and delivering products and services to meet their needs while reducing operational risk and increasing business efficiency.



European Petroleum User Group (EPUG)

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