Build your exploration portfolio value.

Transform exploration and production information into actionable intelligence. ArcGIS shows data within a geographic context so you can identify leads, prospects, and new business opportunities. By combining operational data with consistent, systematic, and rigorous evaluation procedures, you will have a comprehensive foundation for decision making. Share the evaluation results via easy to use web apps that enable team members to understand a play, see what needs to be done, and make quality choices.

"GIS allows us to improve decision making and share information between departments."

Scott B. Gorhan, Director Exploration, East Division, Seneca Resources Corporation



Effectively manage corporate data assets, public data, and commercial data streams to quickly evaluate project opportunities.


Use spatial analytics to assess project potential and weigh cost, value, impact, and more.


Assemble integrated project data and efficiently share results with team members.


ArcGIS for Desktop

Regional exploration relies on a variety of information sources and methods. ArcGIS for Desktop supports your basin, play, and prospect modeling. Use this flexible, integrative platform to effectively perform interpretive analytical work and share maps, ideas, and concepts with colleagues.

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ArcGIS for Server

Broaden the use of GIS by your company. Build a secure GIS platform inside your business, so you can safely share data with authorized staff and contractors. Build analytic tools into your web applications and use them on any device, anywhere, anytime.

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ArcGIS Spatial Analyst

Do more spatial modeling and analysis on ArcGIS for Desktop by adding the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension. These analysis tools will help you design well pad placement, measure gathering systems connectivity, analyze water management challenges, and much more.

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