Increase your operational efficiency.

Your operations are complex and dynamic. You need to configure well pads, manage work orders, and monitor schedules. In short, you need a real-time dashboard that provides current status in spatial context—on a map. Esri makes it possible. Access this data anytime, anywhere, and on any device via a common operational platform for business.



Efficiently manage operational asset performance and profitability. See well production data. Generate analyses for informed well and lease management.


Effectively share diverse real-time data between ops management and field staff. Automate workflow processes using mobile technologies with GIS task-oriented apps.


Intelligently assess operation metrics/KPI’s to maximize returns and reduce risk. Execute directional drilling zone calculations that make you more efficient.


Collector for ArcGIS

Efficient operations are dependent on swift and clear communication between field and office personnel. Collector for ArcGIS allows you to deploy the latest information to a variety of devices, and capture workflows associated field data in disconnected mode for syncing when in cell range.

Learn more about Collector for ArcGIS.

ArcGIS for Server

Stay informed. ArcGIS for Server manages and maps real-time data. Refine field operations to reduce cycle times and significantly lower costs, while maintaining a safe work environment.

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ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

Esri and OSIsoft have partnered to develop a situational asset management system for petroleum companies. ArcGIS Geo Extension for Server and PI Integrator for ArcGIS offers a real-time dashboard to monitor field operations. Based on a common operations platform, you can tailor the views on an operations dashboard specifically for the needs of schedulers, field staff, and executives.

Learn more about ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server.

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