Effectively plan, operate, and maintain facilities.

Vast infrastructure, harsh environments, and complex regulations make operating and maintaining a refinery difficult. Esri helps you plan, operate, and maintain refining operations effectively. Before you build, accurately assess the cost and geographic feasibility of a possible refinery site. Fine tune refinery operations using an Esri enterprise platform that includes user friendly executive dashboards. Monitor your oil production and distribution infrastructure. Stay ahead of trouble and quickly respond by using a common operating platform.



Maintain data with the highest integrity possible. Store, manage, and map accurate spatial and descriptive information about your assets so you excel at operations management.


Collect, view, and rapidly share field asset information across the enterprise. Staff can use mobile devices to access and update data, see maps, and share a common operating picture.


Managers can use interactive dashboards to better monitor and manage work orders, schedules, and field operations. Get accurate and timely.


ArcGIS for Server

Contingency planning is a science regarding a measured risk…you need to be prepared for any eventuality. You need to know what everything is, where it is, who will be interacting with it and when, etc. GIS can help provide a system of record – for everything from infrastructure to chemicals to people and their interactions – allowing you to collect, manage, share, plan, and report effectively.

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ArcGIS Online

Access data from many authoritative resources to monitor operational status. ArcGIS Online contains valuable data services such as basemaps, communities, and weather. Access a wide array of real-time data feeds such as AIS information and transportation routes.

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ArcGIS Online Operations Dashboard

Add spatial context to your property information management systems (PIMS). Esri provides your operations room with a unique spatial view. The Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS makes real-time surveillance intuitive. It improves the way you manage infrastructure, security, HSE, and operator-based systems.

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