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GIS is more than your tool for environmental planning and regulatory compliance. It's a customizable, out-of-the-box platform that lets you build diagrams and dashboards, maps and apps from a single source of data pulled from all your systems. Create user-friendly workflows, executive dashboards, and online or offline field apps that meet specific needs, like asset inspection. Obey TIMP and one-call management when you know your network. Your single repository of geospatial data is here.

"Good geodesign can result in savings of millions of dollars and contributes to greater project efficiencies."

Charles Barnwell, GIS Manager, MBJ



Jack Dangermond Tells Pipeline & Gas Journal How He Changes the World

Taking you from a Harvard grad lab to today's sprawling global GIS user network, Jack Dangermond reveals how hand-drawn maps became a platform technology for pipeline professionals.
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Back to Basics: MBJ Builds Alaska Pipe with Proven Spatial Strategies

Veteran GIS user Michael Baker Jr. Corporation (MBJ) centralizes intelligence in a common geospatial framework. Its planning, compliance, design, and field operations start here. Planning a pipeline through permafrost doesn't need to feel complex.
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Lidar + GIS Helps Evaluate Pipeline Routes

Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys uses ArcGIS to evaluate 3,000 square miles of Lidar data for proposed natural gas pipeline routes. Three-dimensional modeling helps assess erosion, slope, thaw settlement, and other engineering constraints in a rugged terrain. Read more

Jeff Allen: I Have Seen the Future of Pipeline GIS

Jeff Allen of Novara Geosolutions claims more than 20 years' experience with pipeline data management. See how Allen envisions the next 20 years of pipes. See proven data models for linear referencing. See what Allen sees. Read more

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