Getting the most from feet on the street

Esri solutions help UK Police Forces to deliver best value from front line officers, by helping put them in the right place, at the right time, with the right information. Through better use of data the Police already collect there are even more opportunities to improve the service provided to local communities, and to reduce the costs of delivering that service.

"Because GIS makes it easy for everyone to see what is happening… it enables us to focus on specific issues and make decisions about what we can do, as a partnership, to ease the situation."

Emily Humphreys, Partnership Data Analyst, Worcestershire Community Safety Partnerships


Optimising Patrol

Using GPS data, senior managers can track officer locations to align delivery of local policing with demand forecasts. Real-time monitoring ensures that the delivery of neighbourhood policing meets the needs of local communities.

Briefing & Tasking

Getting an officer to the right place is only effective if they are armed with the right information. Transform briefings and make use of mobile data and real-time mapping to provide situational awareness to officers anywhere, at any time.

Partnership Working

Improving the ability to share data between agencies helps develop understanding and expand collaboration. By using an Open Standards compliant GIS, inter-agency collaboration offers better opportunities for improved data exchange.



BeatMaps is an innovative self-briefing solution that enables Police officers to view and query up-to-date crime, incident, and intelligence data and many other sources of local information via a secure intranet browser based application. A proven solution BeatMaps is already in use within UK policing; officers can now easily gain a clear picture of crime, antisocial behaviour and associated information at any location, both by place and time, enabling them to make more informed decisions on where to focus effort and resources for best effect.

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Ops Dashboard & GeoEvent Processor

Create and share live operational views. These include interactive maps, real-time GPS feeds, lists, charts, gauges, and other performance indicators. Based on live geographic data, Ops Dashboard can be used to create live Situational Awareness briefings as well as neighbourhood policing dashboards showing how much community policing has been delivered in each local area.

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Desktop & CrimeAnalyst

Esri UK’s CrimeAnalyst solution allows you to make smarter use of the intelligence at your disposal – and this, in turn, can help simultaneously reduce both crime and costs. Based on Esri’s ArcGIS for Desktop, it provides an open standards platform allowing users to collect, process, analyse, and share information necessary to uncover hidden patterns in your data.

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