Understanding and exploiting data to support better decision-making

One of the biggest challenges faced by the UK police service is how to manage and exploit the huge amounts of incoming data and intelligence to support operational decision making. Esri UK technology ensures that location data relating to crimes, incidents, intelligence, police and resources including data from body worn video, ANPR systems and CCTV, is brought together to create an intelligent, joined-up view.

"Esri technology provides a powerful hub for the effective management and exploitation of location information."

Simon Imbert - Esri UK


Speed response

A common operational picture – which can be viewed on the move - gives officers rapid risk assessments for any location, providing quality situational awareness to determine the most effective tactical response. The impact of different scenarios can also be modelled dependent on variables such as the time of day.

Reducing harm

Commanders can now more easily identify vulnerable infrastructure at public gatherings; understand where key resources need to be positioned and where best to re-deploy them if required, to assist where there may be a wide range of potential crime, disorder and public safety scenarios.

Saving critical time

By giving each piece of information in an enquiry, such as a missing persons investigation, a geographical reference, key information gaps can be highlighted and a more accurate picture made available for the SIO in the crucial first 48 hours. Faster resolution can also potentially save thousands of pounds.


Operations Dashboard

Quickly create real-time views of operations, including marking out key locations, rendez-vous points, evacuation areas, cordons, etc. Operations dashboard can also connect to live feeds such as officer location, to provide a real-time situational awareness viewer for managing incidents.

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Mobile GIS

Provide operational teams with the latest situational awareness onto a mobile device such as a tablet. Officers can make use of iPad, Android, or Windows Phone or Tablet devices, providing maximum interoperability. The mobile mapping solution can also be used to capture data from the field and feed it back into policing systems to provide the latest view of rapidly developing incidents.


Share a common gazetteer across all applications, allowing more accurate cross-referencing of data from multiple systems. LocatorHub from Esri UK allows searching of multiple address and location gazetteers including AddressBase Premium from Ordnance Survey. LocatorHub supports advanced features such as partial address matching, aliases for properties, and change only updates.