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Port operators and maritime administrators face increased demands for efficient operations. You need to manage assets and keep your harbors secure. Meanwhile, there’s the maritime environment to consider. Esri offers a complete platform that lets you integrate all this information and more. With Esri location-aware solutions, you can control operations, improve decision-making, and keep the bottom line afloat.

"Our vision of creating a common operating picture with a geographic perspective gives everyone the information necessary to do their jobs in the best way they can."

Malcolm Meikle, GIS Coordinator for the San Diego Unified Port District


San Diego Port Authority Gets a Common Operating Picture

San Diego Port Authority expanded the power of each employee through greater access to critical intelligence. With better visuals illustrating operations, the whole port authority runs and collaborates more smoothly.
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Los Angeles Tracks a Dynamic Environment

The Port of Los Angeles leads North American seaports with 7,500 acres. Recently it launched a system to aggregate its critical data and serve this up to all divisions. Today, more than 1,200 employees can access and update GIS data.
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Port of Rotterdam Launches Groundbreaking Management Platform

In just three mouse clicks, Port of Rotterdam employees can access information about any asset. With more than 130,000 vessels docked a year, fast information access means instant decision making at the historic gateway that serves 500 million European consumers. Read more

Protecting the San Pedro Bay Port Complex

With so many stakeholders adjacent to the Port of Long Beach, security is of utmost importance. With location-smart, real-time software, security director Randy Parsons shares situational awareness across his team. Read more

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