Reduce risks with a bigger picture

Managing physical assets in your limited land and space is crucial to sustaining your core port functions. Understand assets from utility lines to cranes. Maximise the use of your asset investments and resources by gaining detailed awareness of current conditions and lifecycle predictions. The Esri platform helps you coordinate asset positions, run effective lifecycle cost analyses, and inform stakeholders to make their strongest decisions.

"Esri opens access to asset information through simple pop-up windows, giving the port a much more sensible and immediate system for port management."

Erwin Rademaker, Program Manager, Port of Rotterdam



Understand the location and condition of all your valuable assets.


Increase asset performance when you can see not only asset conditions but also deterioration patterns and risks.


Prioritise maintenance and rehabilitation based on key environmental and economic factors.


Deliver Customer Service

In this competitive market your gain is often another’s loss. Or vice versa. Critical to winning and keeping customers longer is a more compelling customer engagement. This means putting the right information in the hands of front line staff at the moment they need it. Location information is a common strand amongst many customer facing activities. Leverage your data better and you can improve the customer experience.

Speed customer acquisition

Create new customer insight by integrating diverse sources of customer data
Win the customers you want with geographically targeted marketing campaigns
Win more business faster with automated quotations and service availability checks

Reduce churn

Better predict disconnection behaviour through multivariable geographic analysis
Target retention programmes using repeat trouble reports at the individual customer level
Arm customer care with location-based network and operational information for better service

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