Drive port efficiencies. Increase revenue.

Get the detailed information and analysical tools you need to produce optimal results. With Esri, you get access to a comprehensive visual overview of operations. Proven solutions give your port a decisive competitive advantage. Whether that means tracking vessels or getting a real-time operational view, Esri has your system.

"We are confident that Esri will enable us to fulfill our new mission—of becoming a world-class port."

Erwin Rademaker, Program Manager, Port of Rotterdam



Whether you need a complete view or precise drilling, you can provide faster delivery with Esri’s operations tracking.


React to constantly changing conditions with a real-time, up-to-date operational view of your port.


Keep everyone on the same page with real-time maps for true situational awareness. Easily open communication to critical stakeholders.


Strategy and Planning

Financial resources are increasingly constrained. Which means even more pressure to optimise investment decisions and operational plans. Whether it is network rollout, strategic acquisition, partnership or outsourcing, a better understanding of location means strategic advantage. Understand the overlaps, the gaps and the synergies and you are a long way towards a better decision.

Watch Randall Frantz, Telecommunications Industry Manager at Esri explain how GIS improves network resilience.

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Improve demand forecasting

- Respond faster to customer and competitor activity through superior business intelligence
- Improve the business case with more accurate forecasting of key levers such as homes passed and market penetration
- Maximise your high street impact by locating stores near to the customers you want to have

Make the right investment decisions

Make better decisions by finding the strategic insight in the data clutter
Follow the revenue by locating network and operations where the demand is highest
Assemble the right mix of in-sourced, shared, or out-sourced network infrastructure
Ensure a robust network investment plan by matching network demand and forecast load at a deep, granular level.

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