Protect and secure your port.

Gain a port-wide view of events, so you can be prepared to act and react. The Esri platform helps your port remain resilient in the face of sudden unplanned events, such as extreme weather. Simple viewers give your executives and senior managers instant awareness of real-time statuses. Share a common operational picture among your agencies. With clearer, faster communication, you provide safer, more strategic coordination.

"My life is much easier as an incident commander to have all that information in one location."

Randy Parsons, Director of Security, Port of Long Beach



Operational intelligence depends on seeing your entire operations in real time. Get the whole picture with Esri.


Respond to any emergency by knowing where all your resources are in real time. The best offense starts with defense.


Protect critical infrastructure by sharing information across agencies and departments. Use Esri maps as your security framework.


ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server

Stream big data into one spatial powerhouse that filters and alerts you to events you need to know about. Push summaries to your mobile devices. ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server constantly interprets real-time data from unlimited inputs. It becomes your eyes and ears when you can’t have eyes on everything at once.

See what ArcGIS GeoEvent Extension for Server does.

ArcGIS Platform

Better security starts with integrated information. Add value to your security systems when you can visualise and analyse all your critical information from multiple sources, so you can Communicate and act based on a common understanding of security and safety. Strengthen your operations with the ArcGIS platform.

Get started with the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS for Mobile

Empower your security forces to have instant access to information they need, wherever they are. Esri can put your critical data securely on any device with no-code apps, web maps, and templates, so your personnel can share information fast, thanks to a common operating picture that’s available in real time, anytime.

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