Public Sector

GIS for Public Sector

Central Government

Make abstract problems concrete, improve policy-making and optimise service delivery.

Smart Communities

Build Smart Communities, boosting efficiency and productivity while increasing transparency and collaboration.

Local Government

Enable smarter local government, empowering citizens, delivering value for money, improving efficiency and reducing costs.

Public Safety

Pioneer new, smarter approaches to policing, directing resources to the most appropriate locations and delivering the best possible service to citizens.


Discover the easy way to integrate GIS into your teaching, including comprehensive resources, tutorials and lesson plans.

Higher Education

Equip the next generation with GIS skills required for the modern workplace, using resources that support both your teaching and research.


Optimise services targeted to community needs and model and monitor outcomes. Manage estates, assets and operations more efficiently.


Achieve information superiority, operational readiness and shared situational understanding - enabling clear decisions on the best use of available resources.