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As a CCIM you’re familiar with Site To Do Business ( but there’s much more to discover from Esri that can help differentiate you and your company. Expand your CCIM provided capabilities with solutions to bring in the data you need to better understand site characteristics, create interactive marketing tools and best showcase your commercial real estate experience, financial acumen and market analysis expertise.

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Find customers who can benefit from what you have to offer by understanding their needs and the opportunities in the market.


Improve the accuracy and timeliness of decision making for everyone in your organization, and engage at the pace of business.


Really understand the subtle nuances in the marketplace by seeing data and trends at a hyperlocal level.


Market Research

Get the best market knowledge to make more profitable decisions about opportunity, risks and rewards. Esri curates the data you need from many sources both national and local. Accessible from any device anywhere, make it easy to view, analyze and share information so that you work smarter not just harder. Share your work within your organization and beyond with Story Maps - ready to use application and presentation templates. Your sites have never looked so good, and neither have you.

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Site Selection

Today’s market requires a data-driven approach to evaluate and validate your assumptions about a site. Esri’s analytics, site comparison tools and demographics combined with your propriety data, financial forecasts and decision making experience give you the best answers to any client questions.

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Financial Analysis

Esri and the CCIM Institute provide the best solutions for analyzing and making commercial real estate decisions. Work out the best deal for you and your clients with the right data, reports, tools and analysis that maximize insight and objectivity while letting your creativity and experience come forward.

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