Turn merchandising on its head.

Want to maximise your profitability per square foot? Optimise stock? Improve pricing and assortment planning? Then put location to work for you. Adopt the Esri Retail Platform and turn intuition into insight and ideas into outcomes. How? By understanding exactly where to place the right products for the right customers.

Take a customer-centric approach to optimising stores

Discover how Ascena Retail Group achieve a customer-centric approach using the Esri Retail Platform to optimise store development.

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Optimise roll out of new product lines

Watch this video to see how Starbucks use customer insight to optimise the introduction of new product lines.

Customers can also be targeted by proximity to the store. Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty...

"The potential scope for creating commercial insight through intelligent mapping is colossal. Individual customer behaviour, their desire and their exact location can all be plotted and put to good use. Location-aware apps will soon be commonplace, offering personalised offers direct to shoppers’ smartphones."

From 'Mapping the future of scientific retail', Daily Telegraph, Business Reporter March 2013.

Find opportunities for new channels to market

How should you roll out new ranges and formats? Is there an opportunity for profitable new channels to market?

The quality of customer service defines a retail brand and the opportunities for both new channels and new ranges to be successful. 

The Esri Retail Platform delivers unique insight into the root causes of customer service issues, enabling them to be addressed and the brand reputation to be protected and enhanced.

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The Esri Retail Platform

Read our whitepaper to discover the top 5 reasons why location analytics from the Esri Retail Platform is essential for retailers. 

Think Retail

Read about location analytics from the Esri Retail Platform and the future of Retail.