Optimise operations

How can you visualise costs by location? What are the factors driving under and over performing stores? Is there a way to make better decisions that increase your profitability? Can business uncertainty be reduced and store performance improved? With the Esri Retail Platform all of this is possible and more, through understanding the “where” in your data. 

Deliver improved performance 

Discover how Carrefour Group created a worldwide platform combining line of business data with location information, delivering improved store performance.

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Reduce costs and increase efficiency

The Esri Retail Platform enables:

  • Visualising costs by location on a local, national or global scale
  • Identifying under and over-performing stores
  • Showing customer responses to price changes and promotional activity
  • Revealing out of stock, poor availability or end-of-line mark-down issues to help adjust stock allocation
  • Assessing the penetration and scope for expanding internet retailing
  • Discovering where best to focus marketing spend

International Growth

An inherently geographic challenge that should be driven by a geographic approach

  • Esri technology, our business and customers are global
  • Combine relevant global contextual demographics with your business data to empower effective decision making
  • Identify a simple repeatable formula for growth around the world
  • Enable global access to a single view of the enterprise worldwide

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The Esri Retail Platform

Read our whitepaper to discover the top 5 reasons why location analytics from the Esri Retail Platform is essential for retailers. 

Think Retail

Read about location analytics from the Esri Retail Platform and the future of Retail.