Give global connections local understanding.

What if you could see and track every touch point and monitor every process that is necessary at a global scale? You could better understand what it takes to get that chicken strip from a meat-packing plant to a toddler's table - and do it safely. You’d build consumer confidence rather than erode it. Sound intimidating? It shouldn't. Successful companies do this now with the help of location analytics.

Visualise and monitor your supply chain

Can your customers interactively visualise the good sustainable practice in your supply chain? Can you monitor and track carbon off-setting? Can you demonstrate that your business is a responsible global citizen?

The Esri Retail Platform delivers on these important factors for your brand reputation. That in turn helps you build customer loyalty and protect revenues.

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Sustainable Supply Chain

Do you understand the natural and political risk in your supply chain? Is there a single point of failure that would significantly impact your ability to deliver for your customers?

A location based solution from Esri UK allows you to model, visualise and analyse your supply chain across the country or the world. Be sure of your supply chain, manage risk effectively and ensure you can deliver for your customers.

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Supply chain contamination

Where could contamination get into your supply chain? Problems like the recent horse DNA in beef products, create a need to investigate weaknesses in the supply chain and an opportunity to strengthen your brand by visually demonstrating to customers the integrity of your supply chain end to end.

Provide a map of local and national suppliers, incorporating images, video and social media.

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The Esri Retail Platform

Read our whitepaper to discover the top 5 reasons why location analytics from the Esri Retail Platform is essential for retailers. 

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