As a transportation professional, you need the most cost-effective tools to manage physical assets, human resources, and office and field operations. GIS can help you plan, monitor, and manage strategic infrastructure more effectively. Use the location power of your data to determine capacity enhancements, improve operations, and identify the most strategic investments for maintaining your transportation infrastructure. GIS can make your stand-alone systems work smarter by connecting them, allowing you to unlock the power of your information systems. Plan a smarter infrastructure today.





It's a challenge to balance the demand on public infrastructure with other demands, such as preserving quality of life through safety and sustaining the environment in your community. Esri GIS technology provides rich analytic and visual tools to help you meet this challenge. Esri helps you focus on the data that matters, so you can serve your community.



An effective traffic-management strategy starts with Esri's spatially intuitive, sophisticated technology. Respond to changing traffic conditions and deploy real-time dashboards to your engineers. Decide what maps to share with the public, so drivers can make smarter decisions about closures and conditions. Your faster, safer roadways start with a clearer picture of your data.





Invest in your existing assets by planning a proactive maintenance regime to save costs and time over the life cycle of your infrastructure. GIS offers a framework to collect and analyze the information you need to strengthen assets today so your tomorrow lands on solid pavement. Tomorrow's maintenance starts with today's decisions.



Reduce fatality rates by making your roadways safer. Identify dangerous stretches and hot spots. Then let the sophisticated analytics of GIS power your public safety projects. Improve miles of network when you and your safety engineers understand the highway geometrics and human factors that correlate to the road segments you can most improve. Take control today.




South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive

One of the founding aims of SYPTE is to encourage greater use of public transport, and promote more sustainable forms of transportation.

SYPTE started using geographic information system (GIS) technology from Esri UK over a decade ago. ArcGIS has become an invaluable tool for SYPTE, helping it to make pivotal decisions about the future of public transport in South Yorkshire. For example, the organisation aspires to provide a bus stop within 400 metres of every home, to make public transport accessible to everyone.

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