SRP Telecom Simplifies Fiber Backhaul

SRP Telecom Management answers the questions, "Can I get service?" and "For how much?" Its shared, real-time internal intelligence gives customer service representatives the power to visualize the network. Read more

Poland's TK Telekom Manages Network Dynamically

TK Telekom saw two ways to compete with other providers: Launch new services and improve customer satisfaction. A network inventory system that juxtaposes its internal assets with raster and vector data let TK Telekom reduce failures to meet both ends. Read more

In Sync: Benton Public Utility District Gets Everyone Seeing Real Time

Benton Public Utility District (BPUD) cut costs by $240,000 with the mind-set that maps aren't exclusive to GIS teams. At BPUD—everyone from call center representatives to accountants— accesses the power of location analytics. Read more