Water Networks: responding to changing needs and behaviours

How can the UK water industry meet changing customer demands and improve environmental performance whilst maintaining an aging infrastructure? Location information is critical.

An evolving industry

UK drinking water today is world-class and the environment is much cleaner than when the industry was privatised two decades ago.  But whilst huge progress has been made, significant challenges remain:

  • Keeping bills affordable

  • Meeting rising environmental standards

  • Responding to and mitigating the impacts of climate change

  • Meeting consumers changing needs and behaviours

Ofwat is clear: “Simply relying on the solutions of the past will not be enough to contribute to deliver the services of the future.”

Unlock business value: turn your data into information

As reform of the UK Water sector proceeds the need to anchor operational data to a geographic location becomes even more critical.  From regulatory reporting and predicting risks to reducing leakage and empowering the call centre, decisions become better informed.  Knowledge becomes more usable, more accessible and more understandable.  Advanced GIS simply and effectively unlocks the full potential of existing data by making operationally valuable intelligence available to more people when and where it’s needed most.

It all adds up to the power to both boost performance and move you up the Ofwat league tables.

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Featured Map

Flooding, drought, catchment management and pollution - all critical issues for UK water.  This Environment Agency map shows the regional impact.

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Industry Insight

The data explosion continues. How can companies get insight from big data?

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A single view of location dramatically improves performance.

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The drive to reduce costs is relentless. Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water responded to a regulatory drive to cut opex by 20%.

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