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Our water supply is finite. From areas of abundance to places struck with drought, ensuring access to a clean, reliable source of water is critical. With Esri technology, you can protect water supplies and their integrity by understanding how human behaviours impact the natural system. Document water sources and quantify their capacity based on current and historic data. Then share the story of the water system through engaging maps so everyone can see how today’s actions affect tomorrow’s water system.

"GIS sets public policy for everything we do."

Steve Dicks, Information Technology Bureau Chief, Southwest Florida Water Management District



A GIS based Flood Forecasting System

The flood management unit of Flanders Environment Agency, or Vlaamse Milieumaatschappij (VMM), has developed and deployed an advanced flood forecasting system throughout Flanders that monitors more than 4,000 km of the region’s waterways. It is used for flood prediction and much more.
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Franklin County Saves Resources during Flood Recovery

After several areas of the city sustained substantial damage from floodwaters, Franklin County used mobile GIS technology on smartphones to assess and track those damages.
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Australia Develops a National Groundwater Information System

The Council of Australian Governments uses an integrated GIS platform to develop a more cohesive national approach to managing water resources across the nation. Read more

ArcGIS Online as a Flood Recovery Application

The City of Longmont, Colorado, used ArcGIS Online and Collector for ArcGIS as flood assessment and recovery tools that sped recovery after historic flooding. Read more



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