Creating an Offline Lifeline

An African charity, responding to widespread flooding in Mozambique in 2013, has developed a faster and more accurate way to pinpoint where relief is needed that uses Collector for ArcGIS and its offline capabilities. Read more

Managing Flood Compliance in Pinal County

From 2000 to 2010, the population of Pinal County, Arizona, grew from 179,727 to 375,770. During this period of extreme growth, the county's resources were taxed trying to keep up with new development. Read more

Mapping Housing Near Yellowstone River to Protect Property and River Health

The Yellowstone River stretches for more than 670 miles and is the longest free-flowing river in the lower 48 states. Originating in Yellowstone National Park, it runs through Montana, draining 70,000 square miles of land before it joins the Missouri River in North Dakota. Read more

Monitoring Flooding Using ArcGIS

Flooding can have an enormous impact on public infrastructure, critical facilities, and vulnerable citizens. Most water districts now spend time on flood planning. Sensors have proven important for ongoing monitoring of water resources, and a key part of many flood plans. Read more

New Online Tool Helps Reduce Flood Impact

The Department of Environment, Water, Land and Planning (DELWP) has launched a new web-based tool to help mitigate the impact of floods on Victorian communities. Read more