Preserve the water supply.

Stop contaminants in their tracks. With Esri technology, you can work with live sensor data to track water quality in real time. Identify areas to investigate, and deploy your crews with user-friendly mobile applications to collect data and trace source contaminants. You can collaborate with response agencies, too, and streamline compliance reporting with the same system. Meanwhile, you can inform the public with live web maps that show where to take caution, whom a contaminant affects, and how to help reduce pollution.

"What I love about GIS is that we can put maps in front of decision makers and they understand complicated data and environmental issues."

James Cameron, Applications Section Administrator, South Florida Water Management District



Flag pollutants easily, thanks to preconfigured applications that alert you when your predefined conditions are met.


Go upstream to detect probable cause and treat only affected parts of the water system.


Change permitting policies based on the strength of your findings, and empower collaboration for a safer water supply.


Collector for ArcGIS

Empower your mobile workforce with Collector for ArcGIS, a configurable data collection app for smartphones. Easily document contaminants and other water quality issues, even when you’re out of network range. When you’re back in the office, you can sync your edits to the entire organization so everyone has the most current information.

Learn more about Collector for ArcGIS.

Arc Hydro

Built on top of the ArcGIS platform, Arc Hydro provides specialized data models, tools, and workflows for managing water quality data. Create hydrologic and hydraulic models using scientific and local data to solve quality problems.

Learn more about Arc Hydro.

The Living Atlas

Get started right away with the Living Atlas. Immediately use any of the natural and hydrologic datasets within the Living Atlas for analysis and visualization. Add your own authoritative data to support local decisions.

Learn more about The Living Atlas.

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