Improve conservation.

Map how human behavior affects our natural systems. With Esri technology, you can better understand how proposed and existing land uses affect your resources. Communicate your findings to policy makers and the public through intuitive applications, so everyone can see where resources need protection. Map-based permitting applications make it easy to delineate boundaries and approve the smartest developments for tomorrow. When you tell the watershed story on a map, you make defensible decisions.



See how current and proposed land use affects the environment, and strategize your smartest developments.


Influence the policies that dictate future land use, and demonstrate with data how these affect the watershed.


Use maps for public outreach, so you empower the public to know more and make smarter decisions.


GeoPlanner for ArcGIS

Bring all the steps of your planning workflow into one place. You can use GeoPlanner to make location-driven decisions on land use, natural resource conservation, and watershed management. From project creation and data management to evaluating scenarios and preparing reports, you can manage your planning process more efficiently.

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Arc Hydro

Use Arc Hydro to model and explore different types of groundwater data, from aquifer maps and well databases to geologic maps. Get the tools you need to archive, manage, and visualize your watershed information.

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The Living Atlas

The Living Atlas is the foremost collection of authoritative, ready-to-use, global geographic information ever assembled. Explore a suite of data about natural and man-made influences that impact water quality.

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