Internet of Things

Everything happens somewhere – and in the Internet of Things, everything has a place. Add to that external context like weather, traffic, demographics and political boundaries, and you have a rich source of real time insight. The common factor is location and so interactive digital maps are the essential means to make sense of it all, focus in on what matters and take the right action. The ArcGIS Platform is uniquely placed to deliver intuitive visualisations, provide rich contextual information and enable field force management and engagement with partners and the public.

"Sensor data collected in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem requires context to understand and make valuable. Geolocation provides that context, by transforming the raw data into useful information and ultimately actionable intelligence"

Jack Dangermond, CEO, Esri


The application of geo-analytics to the IoT is growing rapidly - discover why and the latest innovations below...

Worcestershire County Council Case Study Image - Road Ahead Closed Sign and Flooded Road

Saving Lives and Money

Worcestershire County Council is saving lives and money with a new emergency GIS service developed using Esri GIS technology.
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Transport for London minimise traffic disruption across London with collaborative GIS apps

An enterprise deployment of Esri’s ArcGIS platform is helping Transport for London to transform the quality of London’s roads for residents, commuters and visitors alike. Read more

Microsoft Blog: Microsoft and Esri work together to fuel innovation through location-based services

The explosion of location-enabled devices coupled with advances in processing capabilities in the last ten years have paved the way for the connected devices and powerful cloud analytics of the Internet of Things (IoT) to help organisations work faster and smarter than ever before... Read more

New eBook: The Internet of Things - Why Location Matters (

The ‘Internet of Things; Why Location Matters’ ebook is the essential guide for telecommunications businesses to understand how to leverage the location information that will be the key to realising potential revenue streams from the IoT... Read more

tmforum - Esri's Jack Dangermond on geo-analytics and the Internet of Things

ESRI has been looking at geo-analytics data for a long time. Its application is now getting much wider with the growth of the IoT. What does geo-location data bring to the IoT? Read more

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IoT Big Data Graphic

Discover Greater Value from Your Big Data

Visualise and analyse your big data in a way that reveals patterns, trends, and relationships that reports don't. Even if your data exists in many disparate places, streams, or web logs, Esri technology can pull it all together to help focus your decision making.
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Real Time GIS Graphic

Make Better Decisions the Moment Something Happens

Real-time GIS analyses sensor data and other live feeds, then puts it on interactive maps for real-time decision-making.
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