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ArcGIS for Mobile Operations

Improve customer service

Deliver great customer service by getting the right field worker to the right place as quickly as possible.

ArcGIS for Mobile Operations

Increase fieldworker productivity by up to 20%

Enable field workers to stay organised, report progress, call for assistance, remain productive and minimise travel.

ArcGIS for Mobile Operations

Track fieldworker activity & status

Gain insight to quickly adapt as priorities for field work change.

ArcGIS for Mobile Operations

Improve data quality

Get the data right first time at the point of capture and minimise the potential for errors.

How It Works

ArcGIS for Mobile Operations

Status and data collected is sent back to the office and can be viewed on a real time dashboard

Fieldworkers collect data through common or rugged mobile devices.

How It's Used

Severn trent Water

Severn Trent Water

Systematically confirming, collecting and correcting data on thousands of kilometres of underground pipes is providing complete and reliable records that enable better customer service

Thames Water

Thames Water

From engineers working in the field, to call centre agents and board-level directors, around 3,000 employees all use Esri’s platform to help them make better decisions, work more efficiently and deliver excellent customer services.

Westminster City Council

Westminster City Council

"ArcGIS enabled us to survey 17% more sites with a 20% smaller team in nearly half the time. It has definitely contributed to cost efficiency savings for the council"

West Coast Group

West Coast Group

"We estimate that we have improved the overall efficiency of our vegetation management process by around 20%."



"We can view and edit live map data in the field, on iPads or smartphones and don’t need to manually update data when staff return to base."

Willis Group

Willis Group

"The ArcGIS Collector App helped us make improvements to our flood model, allowing it to become seen as state-of-the-art. It helped to solidify our foothold in the industry as the preferred supplier for flood risk assessments."

Great customer service with ArcGIS enabled mobile solutions



Get the most from running your mobile operations on the ArcGIS Platform

Use this set of ArcGIS apps that run on the ArcGIS Platform to maximise efficiency in your field workforce.

Navigator Plus

for ArcGIS

Get field workers on the best possible route.

Collector Plus

for ArcGIS

Use map-centric workflows to capture detailed asset information.

Survey123 Plus

for ArcGIS

Use a form-centric workflow to capture data in any environment.

Operations Dashboard Plus

Dashboard for ArcGIS

Monitor, track, and assess your operations.

And when you need high positional accuracy...

The ZenoCollector - ready to work where you are

The Leica Geosystems ZenoCollector combines the hardware excellence of Leica Geosystems with the world’s leading GIS software from Esri to deliver high accuracy data collection in ArcGIS.

The solution delivers sub-metre or centimetre survey grade position accuracy into Esri’s industry leading Collector for ArcGIS app. This uses the Leica Zeno 20, the world’s first handheld with Android operating system, enabling field data collection and editing in a simple, user-friendly interface on an ultra-rugged device.

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