Don't Miss a Single Detail

Don't Miss a Single Detail

Easily view 3D maps, follow links to external information, and check important features.

View Your Data

View All Your Data

Visualize your 2D and 3D data and imagery, in Esri and open standard formats.

Click, View, Share

Click, View, Share

Launch KML instantly, analyze data, and share information using a familiar workflow.

Work with a Trusted Partner

Work with a Trusted Partner

Esri has supported the geospatial community for close to five decades.

More Than Just 3D

By using ArcGIS Earth, you're joining hundreds of thousands of people worldwide in using ArcGIS to analyze 2D and 3D data, communicate information, and make the best decisions.

Common Questions

We have gathered some of the most common questions that our users have asked and answered them for you.

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What is ArcGIS Earth?
ArcGIS Earth is a freely available, lightweight, installable desktop app that makes viewing 3D maps instant and easy for anyone in the enterprise.
How do I follow the news about ArcGIS Earth?
Click to or follow us on Twitter at #ArcGISEarth.
Is ArcGIS Earth a desktop, mobile, or web app?
At its first release, ArcGIS Earth will be available for Windows desktops and tablets. Future releases will support additional platforms.
Will ArcGIS Earth support KML?
Absolutely. ArcGIS Earth enables people anywhere in the organization to easily share information using KML.
Is ArcGIS Earth only for people who use Google Earth?
No. ArcGIS Earth is for anyone in your enterprise who wants to easily and quickly view 3D maps.
Is ArcGIS Earth part of Esri’s special offer for Google customers and partners looking to transition to Esri software?
Yes. ArcGIS Earth is a new lightweight app that supports the Google Earth use case for high performance visualization. In coordination with Google, Esri is providing no-cost software and training to help ensure Google users' transitions are successful. Depending on the particular use case, Google users will also take advantage of ArcGIS Pro and Esri’s WebGL 3D viewer to help in their transition. Review the Esri special offer for Google customers and partners.
Will ArcGIS Earth have exactly the same functionality as Google Earth?
ArcGIS Earth provides an alternative to the Google Earth Enterprise Client, providing a similar user experience and functionality.
Will ArcGIS Earth include content like aerial photos?
We want to give users access to great content, from partner-created premium content to curated data already shared on ArcGIS Online. Enterprise customers will be able to use their own content as well.
How is ArcGIS Earth different from Esri’s other 3D offerings, such as ArcGIS Pro?
ArcGIS Earth is designed to provide a familiar experience to people used to working with the Google Earth Enterprise Client. The goal is to minimize disruption. For users who want a more sophisticated user experience, ArcGIS Pro will provide advanced 2D and 3D visualization, editing, analysis, and publishing. Below is a high-level description of 3D offerings from Esri.
ArcGIS Earth Easy-to-use 3D data exploration
ArcGIS Pro Powerful 2D/3D desktop authoring and data management
ArcGIS 3D Analyst Advanced analysis for 3D workflows
ArcGIS Online Content and services for sharing ideas in 2D and 3D
ArcGIS for Server Scalable 2D/3D enterprise content distribution and geoprocessing
ArcGIS Runtime Developer tools for 2D and 3D custom solutions
ArcGIS Marketplace Third-party geospatial apps and data for the enterprise
How does ArcGIS Earth fit with the rest of my ArcGIS technology stack?
ArcGIS Earth is a fully supported app on the ArcGIS platform. It joins the ranks of other Esri apps such as Collector for ArcGIS, Esri Story Maps, and Esri Maps for Office, to deliver value to both GIS and non-GIS users in your enterprise. Like those apps, it is fully integrated with the ArcGIS platform, allowing you to take advantage of data you already have in ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS.
Will ArcGIS Earth work with 2D data?
Yes, 2D data will be able to be viewed in ArcGIS Earth, draped on the globe with 2D or 3D symbology.
Can I access data securely using ArcGIS Earth?
Yes. The ArcGIS platform enables you to securely access and share maps and data as part of the ArcGIS security framework, which includes options to integrate with your organization’s enterprise security system.
Is ArcGIS Earth designed for a specific industry?
No. ArcGIS Earth delivers value across industries, including geo-intelligence, education, commercial, architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC), for any stakeholder who wants to easily and quickly view 3D maps using a desktop app.
How is ArcGIS Earth licensed?
ArcGIS Earth is publicly available at no cost to anyone.
What data can I view in ArcGIS Earth?
At the first release, you will be able to directly view and query the following:
  • Shapefiles
  • KML/KMZ files
  • Feature services shared in ArcGIS Online
  • Web layers
Can I view and share terrain data using ArcGIS Earth?
ArcGIS Earth is a fully supported app on the ArcGIS platform, so you will be able to share terrain data and view it in ArcGIS Earth, ArcGIS Pro, and web scenes.
Can I use ArcGIS Earth to view web maps and web scenes?
Initially, ArcGIS Earth will allow you to view 2D and 3D layers from ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. The next release will support the viewing of web maps and web scenes.
How much does ArcGIS Earth cost?
ArcGIS Earth is a freely downloadable app from Esri. Logging in with an ArcGIS account will allow you to access data you host privately on ArcGIS or to securely publish and share data via ArcGIS.
When will ArcGIS Earth be available?
ArcGIS Earth is currently planned to launch at the end of 2015.