Spatial Analysis

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The business insight you can't afford to ignore

Your business operates in a geographic context, affected by weather, traffic conditions and other environmental factors. All your customers, premises, vehicles, field workers and infrastructure have a location. More than that, its an ever changing landscape as vehicles move, weather changes, traffic jams occur, the demographics of the areas where you draw your customer base from evolve and your competitors change strategy or relocate. So to really understand your business you need to be thinking spatially and geographically - you need to know where everything and everyone is, what the prevailing environmental conditions are and how that affects your business performance. Fortunately there is an established, robust enterprise technology that can give this invaluable insight, that is compatible and easily integrated with your existing IT infrastructure and that regularly achieves significant in-year ROI for those that use it: Its called a Geographic Information System (GIS) - and the analytical capability that it provides is called Spatial Analysis.

Analysts Quocirca have looked at a range of organisations across the public and private sectors that are using GIS and Spatial Analysis to optimise their business, enhancing business intelligence, asset management, customer service and sustainability. Download the exclusive free eBook to find out why GIS is so widely used and how you could drive new competitive edge with business insight from another dimension!

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