What are Story Maps?

Story Maps are a simple, yet powerful way to inform, engage and inspire people with any story you want to tell that involves maps, geography or location.

The Esri Story Map applications let you combine beautiful maps with narrative text, striking images, and multimedia including video.

Story Maps are designed to be used by anyone, so they are great for communicating with the general public. You may want to tell a personal story about a trip or place you love or highlight an issue in your community. Or you may want to tell a story for your agency or organization to showcase plans, facilities, projects, etc. Story maps can also serve more specialized audiences: such as supporters, decision makers, stakeholders, or specific teams within an organization.

As part of ArcGIS Online, Story Maps let you use the full-power of the world's leading mapping platform, to create maps for your stories. You can use your own data in your maps and combine it with a wide range of authoritative, trusted data. Then you simply publish your work using one of the Story Map applications.

The possibilities are endless … and exciting. (And did we mention the prizes?!)

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