GeoSpatial Experts, Inc., founded in 2001, is the world leader in photo mapping software for business. Over the past decade, its flagship product, GPS-Photo Link, has emerged as the industry standard solution for mapping photographs because of its advanced functionality, consistency, and reliability.

Every day more businesses understand how geotagged photos simplify their field data collections efforts saving both time and money. Examples of projects that require photographic documentation of objects and features at a specific place and time include:

Industry Application
Federal GovernmentField audit - real property
Local GovernmentEmergency response deployment and FEMA applications
EngineeringEnvironmental impact assessment for land use permits
UtilitiesRoutine infrastructure assessment & inventories
Water & Waste WaterField audit: pumping equipment, meters, collection basins
Oil & GasRoute scouting and oil spill response
Natural Resource Management Wildlife population surveys
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