Esri Hardware Partners



Hewlett Packard is a strategic worldwide platform, hardware and services partner for Esri. HP offers a full range of products for GIS professionals from wireless handheld devices to enterprise servers.

HP is composed of three divisions, each with products and services for Esri and the geospatial market:

TSG: Technology Solutions Group

TSG provides the back end infrastructure to run Esri solutions, including servers and storage, software and services. A variety of options for HP servers allows customers to choose according to their needs. HP ProLiant Blade servers and Blade storage allow customers to power up in a relatively small amount of space and take advantage of new power-efficient technology such as dynamic smart cooling. HP software provides a number of advantages from managing distributed or federated ArcGIS server systems to creating additional security features and protection. Finally, HP services works with Esri distributors or other Esri partners to assure smooth implementation and installation of Esri solutions.

PPS: Printing and Personal Systems

HP's PPS organization provides printing, desktop, laptop and mobile solutions for Esri users. The HP PPS provides printing and imaging solutions that are critical to GIS organizations. HP Designjet large format printers are the industry standard for GIS output. The HP Designjet family offers printers, scanners and multifunction devices for unattended printing of the highest quality GIS images. The PPS organization also features dual and quad core desktops and laptops, remote graphics capabilities and a wide variety of graphics card choices in both the desktop and laptop systems. The PSG organization also provides high definition graphical display systems for command centres using Pixelblaster technology.  


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