GIS Field Data Collection

When gathering locations in the field, physically occupying every data point is not only time consuming but, in some cases, impractical and unsafe. Laser Technology's laser systems allow users to record the position of any number of remote features from one convenient location. A single shot from a TruPulse Series product can provide horizontal, vertical, and slope distance with one foot accuracy. The built-in tilt sensor delivers angular accuracy of 0.25 degrees, while the compass provides 1.0 degree of accuracy - even when shooting at the steepest angles. And the flexible three-shot height routine allows users to easily measure and record this valuable attribute. When integrated with a GPS unit, the TruPulse Series is perfect for ArcPad's many laser mapping methods, and adding the new LaserGIS extension expands your capabilities even further. With the optional Bluetooth® wireless feature, storing data becomes just as fast and easy as collecting it. The TruPulse Series and LaserGIS combination is a cost-effective workhorse for urban, rural, and industrial data collection under whatever conditions users might encounter.

Collect GIS Field Data More Efficiently with Esri and Laser Technology Inc. Solutions [MP3]
-Paul Adkins, Marketing Communications Manager, Laser Technology Inc.

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