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Gimmal connects with OpenSpirit to provide clients with unified search

Houston, Texas —Gimmal Group, Inc., a leading provider of Enterprise Content Management and Records Management (ECM/RM) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services and solutions, announced it has partnered with OpenSpirit Corporation, an independent software company focused on providing integration solutions for upstream applications and data.

The growth of unstructured content, structured data, and maps/GIS content continues to increase exponentially along with demands on IT infrastructure. Organizations need to better manage all of this information, track it through work processes, and maintain selected information as official corporate records. These needs, along with end users' requirements for data discovery and access, have created great demand for integrated solutions that provide a single interface to all relevant data.     

Gimmal delivers customized solutions for energy industry clients that leverage OpenSpirit technology and enable end users to connect to a variety of upstream data repositories via a single search interface. The use of the OpenSpirit infrastructure minimizes the complexity of the overall solution by providing a single API to a variety of market-leading data stores. Leveraging the OpenSpirit platform also opens up the possibility for direct access to data from the search results to several OpenSpirit-enabled G&G applications.

“By developing solutions leveraging OpenSpirit technology, the E&P clients we work with will be able to make decisions efficiently without worrying about where data resides and how to find it,” said David Quackenbush, President of Gimmal Group.

“Leveraging their extensive experience in enterprise content management, Gimmal assembles market-leading technologies to provide a seamless end-user experience for cataloging and searching information,” said Dan Piette, President & CEO of OpenSpirit. “We were happy to provide additional capabilities with expanded access to highly complex geotechnical data, enabling the search to go further than ever before and providing customers a single, comprehensive view of all of their business-critical information.”

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About Gimmal Group, Inc.
Gimmal is a leading professional service firm offering a range of information technology services. We help the world’s leading companies improve business performance and compliance through the effective planning, implementation and integration of: Enterprise Content Management and Records Management, Geographic Information Systems, Web Design & User Experience. For more information, visit www.gimmal.com or twitter.com/gimmalgroup.

About OpenSpirit
The OpenSpirit Corporation, based near Houston in Stafford, Texas, began operations in July 2000 as an independent software company focused on providing integration solutions for upstream applications and data. The OpenSpirit application integration framework allows interoperability between multiple vendors' applications and data, enabling oil company end users to speed up critical workflows and enhance analysis in the geotechnical space. www.openspirit.com or info@openspirit.com.

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