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geoAMPS joins Esri Partner Network

POWELL, OH – Jan. 9, 2013 – geoAMPS, a technology company specializing in software solutions to manage land rights and infrastructure assets, has joined the worldwide community of companies in the Esri Partner Network as a Silver Tier Partner.

“We’re excited to become a member of the Esri Partner Network,” Yogesh Khandelwal, geoAMPS President and Chief Executive Officer, said. “It further validates our commitment to quality.”

By becoming a Silver Tier Partner, geoAMPS taps into the Esri Partner Network for technological and marketplace strategies to develop and market geoAMPS business offerings built on the Esri software platform.

“We like to take the educational approach, and develop best practices in a way to leverage mapping technology in day-to-day operations for the betterment of our product and the industry. In doing so, we arrive at creative solutions and better decision-making capability by our clients,” Khandelwal said.

Even before becoming a Silver Tier Partner, geoAMPS utilized Esri’s geographic information system (GIS) software and integrated it into each of the software products it offers. geoAMPS has developed products tailored to meet the needs of companies and organizations involved in land services, alternative energy, mine exploration and production, transportation, land reclamation, surveying, mapping, document management, communications and government.

“We welcome geoAMPS as a Silver Tier Partner,” Amy Garner, Esri Partner Coordinator, said. “The ability to leverage online, offline and mobile technologies within the land rights, infrastructure assets and data management markets makes geoAMPS a perfect fit for the Esri Partner Network.”

“We promote Esri solutions to our clients,” Khandelwal said. “We show them the benefits of utilizing that technology. They may not have been previously aware of those benefits.”

About the Esri Partner Network
The Esri Partner Network is a worldwide community of companies that develop and deliver cutting-edge geographic spatial solutions and services based on Esri technology. Together, Esri and its partners collaborate to support end users through successful GIS implementation and repeatable solutions.

About geoAMPS
geoAMPS is the technology leader within the land rights and infrastructure management industry. Its off-the-shelf software products have been developed through collaboration with industry and technology experts. For more information, visit www.geoamps.com.

Contact: Dan Liggett, Communications and Public Relations Manager
geoAMPS, 614-389-4871, dan@geoamps.com