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Lancaster Area Sewer Authority Implements Mobile GIS Technology

Lancaster, Pennsylvania—July 1, 2014—Lancaster Area Sewer Authority (LASA) field crews printed maps from a web-GIS viewer to take out to the field for PA One Call flagging and subdivision inspections because there was no easy way to make the GIS data portable and to look up utility information and update GIS data. Accordingly, the printed maps were used to make field notations, and the GIS data would later be edited back in the office. The process was inefficient and increased the risk of data transcription errors. LASA retained geographIT to provide the following professional services resulting in the implementation of Esri’s latest cloud hosted services and out-of-the-box mobile GIS applications:

  • Upgraded the enterprise geodatabase to ArcSDE 10.2 with SQL Server 2008R2.
  • Upgrade ArcGIS for Server to version 10.2.
  • Configured Esri’s ArcGIS Viewer version 3.6 for Flex and published web maps which enabled retiring a legacy GIS viewer that utilized unsupported web mapping technology.
  • Set-up and configured an ArcGIS Online organizational account, defined user groups, configured and published feature services, and published web maps to the LASA Map Gallery.
  • Designed and implemented two mobile GIS supported workflows to improve efficiency of PA One Call and Subdivision Review activities in the field. The new workflows were implemented using ArcGIS Online and Esri’s GeoCollector App. The GeoCollector App can be run on Windows, Android, and Apple iOS tablets and smart phones. Crews can now access and update utility layers while in the field.

About the geographIT®:
geographIT® specializes in designing and implementing innovative geospatial technology solutions for desktop, web, and mobile environments using Esri technology. The firm offers enterprise GIS consulting and system design, custom software development, and implementation services. Founded in 1990 as Advanced Technology Solutions Inc., the firm rebranded in 2007 as geographIT® in order to promote its core business identity in geospatial technology. geographIT® is headquartered in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and has a branch office in Baltimore, Maryland.

Media Contact:
Bruce E. Stauffer, Vice President