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ArcGIS for Server on Amazon EC2

Esri provides Amazon Machine Images that you can use to easily deploy ArcGIS for Server in the Amazon Elastic compute cloud (EC2). Deploying ArcGIS for Server in the cloud has multiple advantages:

  • ArcGIS for Server is already installed and configured for you.
  • You can test an ArcGIS for Server configuration with low overhead hardware cost.
  • You can automatically scale your deployment in response to demand.
Evaluate ArcGIS for Server on Amazon Web Services.

ArcGIS for Server

Esri Managed Services

Flexible Environment for Hosting

Esri Managed Services is a unique offer that allows you to implement your GIS applications, data and services without expanding your infrastructure or increasing ongoing operational and maintenance costs.

Esri Managed Services includes:

  • Infrastructure (facilities, hardware, network, and security)
  • Software (Esri and Third Party)
  • Application deployment and testing
  • Ongoing data management (data updates, backup and archive)
  • 24/7 technical support and monitoring

Managed Services