Analytics and Information Management

Together, Esri and IBM develop integrated and innovative solutions to enable better decision making through proven analytics and optimized management of business information.

IBM Cognos

Esri Maps for IBM Cognos

By integrating Esri location analytics functionality and map data with IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Reports, Esri Maps for Cognos provides seamless integration of map and business objects in business dashboards and reports.

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IBM SPSS with Esri for Predictive Analytics

IBM SPSS delivers deep statistical analytic tools used to uncover patterns, trends, and probable insight from data. Similarly, ArcGIS geospatial analytics and visualization capabilities unlock patterns, reveal new insight, and generate likely outcomes in location-based data. Together, SPSS and ArcGIS provide a one-of-a-kind, geospatially-enabled statistical solution that derives deep patterns in data and predicts future results.

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IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook Connector for Esri: Enabling Identity Resolution and Fraud Analytics

The Esri Connector is an extension of i2 Analyst’s Notebook, providing Esri-enabled location analytics functionality, proximity search tools, and map visualization, as well as integration of customer spatial data. This integrated solution supports link analysis, fraud detection, and identity determination for government agencies as well as banking, insurance, and retail organizations.

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IBM i2 COPLINK enabled with Esri for Crime Analytics

IBM i2 COPLINK is police software used to consolidate multisource crime data, facilitate communication, and help organize investigations. Enabled by Esri mapping, location analytics tools, and data, COPLINK helps law enforcement to visualize criminal incidents and better understand crime patterns to enable more effective predictive policing.

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Esri and IBM DB2

Esri and IBM DB2

The IBM DB2 Spatial Extender is enabled by Esri spatial libraries. It was developed for Linux, UNIX, Windows, and z/OS, to extend the functions of DB2 and allow users to store, manage, and query spatial data within the DBMS. ArcGIS for Server further extends DB2 spatial information management capability by adding

  • Powerful geodatabase functionality.
  • Advanced administrative tools.
  • Geoprocessing.
  • Web map publishing capability.

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Learn more about Spatial Support for DB2 for z/OS.

IBM Informix Spatial

IBM Informix Spatial Software is a built-in feature of Informix that supports spatial data created with Esri spatial libraries, the same libraries supporting DB2 and PureData for Analytics. Spatial data created with ArcGIS can be stored, managed, and queried from within IBM Informix and is also available for advanced spatial analysis and editing in ArcGIS.

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IBM Informix Spatial