Esri and Oracle technology work seamlessly together distributing maps and spatial data across the internet, and for wireless location services.

Oracle Database

Oracle Database

The ArcGIS platform supports Oracle databases, including multi-user enterprise geodatabases. You can easily integrate Esri spatial data with other types of business data to use in your GIS, location-based services, and other enterprise projects.

ArcGIS for Server fully supports Oracle 12c Locator and Oracle 12c Spatial in addition to Esri's own ST Geometry spatial type. The ensures that a shapefile from an Esri geodatabase can be brought into an Oracle Database table for use with Oracle Spatial and Locator.

Oracle Java Standard Edition (Java SE)

Esri's ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Java and ArcGIS Engine fully support and use Oracle's Java SE platform, which offers developers a secure, portable, high–performance application development environment. This ensures developers can use Java to build GIS applications that integrate a wide range of mapping and GIS tasks online or offline, including editing, geocoding, routing, mapping, and data visualization.

Oracle Java Standard Edition

Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle WebLogic Server is a standard platform for developing multitier enterprise applications based on Java. ArcGIS for Server with Oracle WebLogic Server allows you to share GIS resources over the web. People can make better decisions because everyone can access, collaborate, and work with the same geographic information.

Oracle Linux

Esri supports the Oracle database running Oracle Linux, which is optimized for enterprise software and hardware. Oracle Linux delivers performance, scalability, and reliability for enterprise applications.


Oracle Exadata Database Machine

Oracle Exadata Database Machine

ArcGIS technology supports Oracle Exadata Database Machine, running Oracle Linux. This is an engineered system, delivering performance and availability for the database workloads of Esri's Oracle–based customers with the most demanding performance requirements.

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