Create Massive Urban Environments

Create massive urban environments for film, games, simulation and virtual reality.

Create Large Scale 3D Environments

Use real-world data or use your imagination to create the 3D urban environments that your project needs.

Modify Your Designs Quickly

Procedural modelling allows you to quickly make changes to your entire environment without having to remodel individual assets.


Use interactive 3D to present proposed scenes and design changes to key stakeholders.


Esri has the right solutions for you to be successful in your use of 3D. Whether you need software, a quick jumpstart, or a complete implementation package, we are here for you.

Esri CityEngine

Create large scale urban environments that you can easily modify and share. CityEngine is 3D modelling software that uses procedural rules to generate massive 3D urban environments. Create large scale urban environments that you can easily modify and share. CityEngine will reduce your modelling time and help you realize your creative vision.

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Esri Professional Services

Accelerate your GIS with help from Esri subject matter experts. They will help you get started, train staff, and even manage the project.

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Esri Business Partners

If you need a custom solution or help with customizing an Esri solution, we have trusted business partners that can help.

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More to Explore

Ministry of Sound

Fold 7 and freelance motion design director Paul Clements created the visual concept of this album with help from CityEngine.

Destroyed City

For the video game "Dark Realm" Christian Holzer and team used CityEngine to create the entire city scene including parametric destruction of buildings.


CityEngine was used to create an environment for the European Project Cyberwalk, where a visitor can travel around in ancient Pompeii.


Commercial by Cliffhanger Visuals for Valorfrit. Using CityEngine, the team was able to build the needed cityscape in a day.


The Rome Reborn project used CityEngine to rebuild ancient Rome in the year 320 A.D.


Capture MM commercial featuring the Toyota Prius. CityEngine was used in the entire production process to model the city.